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'Just An Ordinary Family' Fiona Lowe

THE BARE BONES... (a brief overview)

Twins are supposed to have an unbreakable bond, sharing a closeness that cannot be compromised. Twins Alice and Libby seem to be an exception to the rule. Alice was always the sickly weaker twin and Libby frustrated at the patience she required. When rebellious Jess arrives at their small seaside town in their teenage years, Libby happily clings to a new exciting friendship, and Jess adopts herself into a functional, loving family that she never had.

When both Alice and Jess return to town as adults, the tangled mess of loyalty and friendship are more pronounced than when they were kids- throw in some dark secrets and things get really interesting. In ‘Just an Ordinary Family’ Fiona Lowe writes about family, expectations and love without dodging the complications that are inherent in any real life relationship. Part Liane Moriarty and part JoJo Moyes, this book is rich in drama and feeling and would be a perfect book club read. I was lucky enough to win a copy from Harlequin’s Freebie Friday competition- it hits the shelves in March 😍. #fionaLowe #betterReading #Hqfiction@fionaloweaustralianauthor

FLAVOURS OF... (other books like this one)

The small town setting and poignant (and complicated) female friendships are similar to those in 'Big Little Lies'. The moral and ethical dilemmas and emotional investment reminded me of Jodi Picoult's 'A Spark of Light'.

SNAGS ON THE BARBIE (rating out of 5)

4 out of 5 stars. This book is like a 'surf and turf'. Such a delicate balance between an intense and gritty plot (the medium rare steak) and the sensitivities of complex relationships, and forgiveness (the prawns lightly charred on the side).