The Butcher's Wife

I’m the butcher’s wife in a smallish community. When I’m serving a customer and they have a book under their arm I tentatively question, “do you mind me asking, what are you reading?” Usually they are eager to tell me. I have so many amazing conversations about books across the butcher’s counter! (What they have read recently, what they enjoyed about it or didn’t and why) Sometimes it ends up that I have a huge list of recommendations, but it always ends up that I have an interesting chat with someone. 

There are quite a few customers who randomly drop books into the shop they think I’ll enjoy, or who will throw open the door with eyes bright saying “you have to read...(insert book title here)” 😁 So come and join me at the Butcher’s block, here through my blog. 

Before we go any further though, you need to know… I’m a corner folder. My books travel through my life’s journey as I travel through their plot... sometimes their journey will involve being rammed into an overstuffed handbag on the way out to the doctor’s with the kids, sliding under the driver’s seat when picking the kids up from the bus stop, or splatted with rain if the weather is uncooperative or held open by a can of chopped tomatoes when life gets messy and I’m reading while bolagnaise-ing. We both emerge at the end looking like we’ve had an adventure! Fold the corners? Hell yeah! Each book’s impact on me is always more than a simple crease. If this means we can’t be friends, I’m sorry. But it’s best you find this out now before our relationship goes any further. Still here? That’s awesome. Let’s talk books!