I won the whole

Indie Book Award Shortlist! 

(Crazy hey?)

So I'm going to give you the chop on each... 

Stories more complex than
a coq au vin
The Truth-
Medium Rare
Words &
gorgeous pictures
Forget the nuggets and chips!
Better than smashed avocado on toast
New kids
on the block

“A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.” 
William Styron, 

Conversations with William Styron

About Me

I work beside my husband in a small-town butcher shop. It’s our family business so I’m there quite a lot. I love beautiful things, and sometimes it’s difficult to find beautiful things in counters full of steaks, sausages and rissoles! I also love stories. Our shop has a little tinkly shop bell that trills as the door closes behind our customer. I never imagined that, being the butcher’s wife, so many customers would share their stories with me. 

I hear stories of fractured families gradually fusing together again over Easter’s roast leg of lamb, of choosing meals for one, as they adjust to life without the love of their life, of their own memories of growing up in a small town, sitting on the butcher’s step as their mother waited for their week’s meat to be wrapped in paper and tied up with string. Beautiful stories. 

I feel privileged to get a glimpse into such a rich tapestry of stories that make up my local community. And then, in all the gaps, I escape into the stories of published books. Australian authors are my favourite, but I’ll read anything. I read the side of breakfast cereal, the small print on café menus, the signs on public transport (I’m serious!)- all those lovely words! 

When I won all the books on the Indie 2019 Shortlist I wanted to find a way to share my amazing prize with as many people as possible. So, my plan is to give you a taste of each through book reviews. When I’m finished with the shortlist, I hope to continue with other books that cross my path. I‘d love for you to comment on the blogs, so that I know you’ve visited (your comments are a bit like my blog’s tinkly bell). I hope you enjoy delving into all the beautiful stories with me. 

BW- The Butcher’s Wife.


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